Best of Parent Hacks: Christmas

It's the most hackable tiiiiiiiime of the yearrrrrrr…

Not all of us celebrate Christmas, those who do can always use a season-simplifying tip. For you, I've collected the best Christmas hacks in one place. Here!

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And if you're shopping for gifts, have a look at The Very Small Parent Hacks Holiday Gift Guide. Not a lot of recommendations…just the best.

Best of Parent Hacks: Christmas

Getting organized for the holidays

Let your calendar remind you to try new seasonal activities

Planning for the holidays (guest post at Kiddley)

Let Santa take away the old toys, too

Working at home while the kids are on holiday break

How to organize a holiday gift for your kid's teacher

Christmas trees and decor

Paper clips as ornament hooks

Mardi gras beads as Christmas tree garland

Turn your kid's art into a Christmas tree decoration

Use "Baby's First Christmas" blankets as Christmas tree skirt

Baby shoes as Christmas ornaments

Use outgrown Christmas outfits as holiday home decoration

Turn fast food prizes and cereal box toys into kid-friendly Christmas ornaments

Childproof your Christmas tree with jingle bells

Christmas tree light switch delights kids AND protects the tree

Toddler-proof the Christmas tree by decorating it with her old toys

Holiday shopping and gifts

Sew simple, inexpensive gift bags out of sale fabric

Reusable gift box can be "opened" over and over

Simplify shopping with kids by taking pix for the "wish list"

Toy-store-with-kid strategy: Email Santa with gift ideas

Kid art + mailing labels = unique gift tags

Use small photos of gift recipients instead of labels

Wrap each child's Christmas gift in different paper

Use your coin jar to buy gift cards with Coinstar (with no fee)

Laundry basket keeps holiday gifts contained

Perfect present: what's your family's? And: a word about kids' mags

"Cookie of the Month Club" makes a great holiday gift

Best teacher gift ever: Homemade chai concentrate

Holiday traditions & rituals

What are your holiday traditions? Talk amongst yourselves.

How to encourage family conversation around the table

Seal your Christmas card envelopes with an Aquadoodle marker

Turn present opening time into a fun game of its own

Spread out the gift-opening to keep Christmas morning manageable

If you want a little more sleep on Christmas morning, make stockings "fair game"

Holiday-themed crafts & projects

Bread dough ornaments

DIY window clings with fabric paint

How to turn a backyard evergreen into a Christmas gift for the birds

Salvage wrapping paper scraps and rolls for a fun toddler diversion

Make a pomander or an ornament out of an orange

Holiday Peppermint Bark recipe (people LOVE this and it's so easy)

Tie-dye tissue wrapping paper

3-D snowflake templates

Cut wrapping paper scraps and seasonal catalogs into paper snowflakes

Decorate an outdoor tree with birdseed pine cones

Easy holiday cards kids can make themselves

After Christmas

How to involve your kids in Christmas tree cleanup

"Label" Christmas decoration storage boxes with old gift wrap

Pack seasonal books away with the decorations

Store seasonal recipes and serving pieces in the same place

Beer case inserts as Christmas ornament dividers

Advent calendar as potty training reward chart (buy at a discount right after Christmas)