Want to join me on an Internet sabbatical?

Photo credit: Subharnab Majumdar via Flickr/cc

Things have been quiet around here for good reason. I'm taking a big, fat Internet sabbatical for the holidays. There's a family adventure going down which I'll tell you about when I get back online after the New Year. It feels good to step away from the Internet to focus on the bricks and mortar […]

Stocking alternatives, hacks for working parents, experiential gift guide, and more


My favorite gift guides (in addition to my Very Small Gift Guide!): a list of experiential gifts from Unclutterer, Christine Koh's ideas for no-clutter gifts, and Kristen Howerton's Fair Trade Handmade Christmas Gift linkup (beautiful and brilliant). Gabrielle Blair used rain boots as stand-up alternatives for Christmas stockings. Great hack for those of us without fireplace mantels! […]