Why catering your Thanksgiving meal may be easier, cheaper and smarter than you think

Whole Foods Thanksgiving meal (minus the rolls)

You could just buy your entire Thanksgiving dinner ready made. Yes you can. Brenna did, and here's what she has to say:

This might be too much of a hack, but 2 years ago when I had Thanksgiving at my house, I paid $140 for a full-spread dinner for 8 from my local diner, AND there were leftovers.

A friend of mine and I love this local diner and frequent it all the time. We knew their food was good and local. They posted the flyer for the dinner and after I did the math (cost of groceries + time + clean up) it made total sense, even cheaper factoring in that I'd be able to enjoy a few cocktails WITH my guests instead of just near my guests.

The food was delicious, and I still plated it on the good dishes. Loading the dishwasher at 9pm helped keep the tradition alive.

I am still reusing the plastic containers some of the food was packaged in. Double hack!

You know what? Isa made the same suggestion on Facebook :

The past four years we ordered the entire dinner from our local deli AG Ferrari. It cost the same or less as making it ourselves and was delicious. Less stress!!

I just checked my local Whole Foods, and a full dinner for 8 costs $150. Turkey, gravy, stuffing, mashed potatoes, green beens, cranberry relish, rolls. Add nice table setting, some mood music, some festive beverages and dessert (which you can also buy so there's NO PIE CRUST TO MAKE) and you're done!

Comparable price to homemade, reliably delicious food, relaxed reheating instead of mad cooking…this is sounding better and better.

Anyone else buy their Thanksgiving dinner ready-made? Tell us about it.

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    The best thing about having your food is catered is that it give you the freedom to just sit, relax and wait for your food to arrive compared to preparing the food yourself. It is really more convenient, well, it could be more expensive at times but considering that you don’t have to do the preparation, it’s all worth it.