Parent Hacks Spotlight: Non-candy Halloween treats, board gaming benefit for sick kids, geek girls and more

This is it. We're putting up our (meager) Halloween decorations, finishing my daughter's costume (a raven), and we may even carve a pumpkin.

I also think we might be coming up on a milestone: my son is making noises about handing out candy rather than trick-or-treating. Can it be that he's aging himself out of Halloween?

Ponder that while I share some gems I've found this week.


I also want to call your attention to two links:

  • Here at Parent Hacks, a conversation about calming older kids' bedtime fears. I'd love to hear how you've handled the situation. The post is sponsored by LightHeaded Beds, and they're hosting a sweet giveaway as well.
  • Adrienne and Jim Jones, veteran ParentHackers and creators of Baby Toolkit and the board game podcast Great Big Table, are in the middle of a 24-hour board game marathon to benefit Riley Children's Hospital. They have given so much to this site for years, both in hacks and in participation. If you've ever been helped by a hack here, please consider supporting them with a donation…especially because their 8 year-old son has his own fundraising goal. Even $5 will help. Here's Adrienne's fundraising page, and here's her son's. Find out more here.

Thanks for being here, friends. Have a great weekend.