13 hacks in October 2013

31 October 2013

A comforting Halloween reminder for exhausted parents

I'm hearing some angst from parents who are feeling like Halloween losers. They didn't carve pumpkins, they procrastinated on costumes, they can't find the decorations, and/or they're just not into it. They want their kids to have a fabulous Halloween but just aren't up to the holiday frenzy that seems...

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30 October 2013

Parent Hacks Admin: Sponsored Content FAQ

Everything you ever wanted to know about sponsored content at Parent Hacks!

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29 October 2013

Self-serve Halloween candy for trick-or-treaters: yes or no?

How do you "treat" trick-or-treaters when nobody's home to hand out candy? Self-serve or lights out?

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28 October 2013

"Are outdoor trampolines really that unsafe?" Talk amongst yourselves.

Is getting an outdoor trampoline is a brilliant idea...or a disastrous one? Let's help Ann figure it out.

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26 October 2013

Parent Hacks Spotlight: Non-candy Halloween treats, board gaming benefit for sick kids, geek girls and more

If you feel like a break from your Halloween prep, here's some stuff I've enjoyed reading this week.

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24 October 2013

Calming older kids' bedtime fears (sponsored + giveaway)

It took me too long to accept that fear at bedtime, like any irrational fear or phobia, can't be reasoned or "disciplined" away. Here's how we helped our older kids handle their bedtime fears. Until 10/29/13, enter to win a LightHeaded Bed (click through for details).

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23 October 2013

3 days only: FashionABLE scarves and leather goods 30% off

For the next three days, fashionABLE is putting its entire selection of handmade scarves and leather goods on sale at 30% off.

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18 October 2013

17 October 2013

Remove clothing tags with a seam ripper

Hannah's thoughtful hack for those of us who aren't familiar with sewing paraphernalia.

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16 October 2013

Calm out of control tantrums with the "cross-body pat"

The word "tantrum" is misleading, because it brings up images of a foot-stamping Veruca Salt when she doesn't get her way. But we're talking about when something triggers a kid's fight-or-flight response. At these times, there literally is no thinking, just reaction, and it's intense.

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14 October 2013

Bang for your buck: small purchases that have a big impact

You're busy, time is at a premium, someone's tugging at the hem of your shirt...and sometimes throwing money at a nagging problem is the best way to solve it.

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09 October 2013

Is an average childhood the secret to happiness?

Is "average" what we should aspire to for our kids? Is that what we should encourage them to believe about themselves? In my opinion, yes and no.

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01 October 2013

Minimalist Parenting benefit for women in Ethiopia: #HelpWomenAtRisk

A year ago, my co-author Christine Koh and I traveled to Ethiopia with the ONE Campaign. The trip came just a few weeks after we turned in the manuscript for Minimalist Parenting. The timing coupled with the intensity of co-authoring a book linked the experiences for us in a powerful...

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