Minimalist Parenting benefit for women in Ethiopia: #HelpWomenAtRisk


A year ago, my co-author Christine Koh and I traveled to Ethiopia with the ONE Campaign. The trip came just a few weeks after we turned in the manuscript for Minimalist Parenting. The timing coupled with the intensity of co-authoring a book linked the experiences for us in a powerful way.

On the anniversary of our ONEMoms Ethiopia visit, we want to honor that connection by supporting women we met there.

Between October 1-31, we're donating all royalties on copies of Minimalist Parenting sold through this special link: to Women At Risk.

Weaving scarves in Ethiopia

Women At Risk is an Ethiopian organization that, together with the FashionABLE scarf company, helps Addis Ababa women lift themselves out of prostitution (which, for many women, is the only available source of income). For more information, click here.

Even better, our publisher, Bibliomotion, is matching our donation on the first 100 books sold.

We need your help to let everyone know.

We all know the power of sharing in this interconnected, networked world. I'm asking you, right now, to weild your power to help us #HelpWomenAtRisk.


The ONE CampaignWrite a 2-3 sentence blog post that includes our special fundraising link: / Only sales through this link will count toward the fundraiser.

Thanks to the ONE Campaign, the first 50 bloggers to let us know by filling out this form will receive a copy of Minimalist Parenting.

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This month, royalites on sales of @MinParenting benefit women in Ethiopia. Details: /

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Get a great book and help women in Ethiopia at the same time! The authors of Minimalist Parenting are donating October royalites on books sold through a special link to benefit women in Ethiopia. Details: /

Thank you for helping us make a real impact on the lives of women in Ethiopia. Together, we can do something amazing.

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Special thanks to ONEWomen At Risk, FashionABLE, and Bibliomotion for their partnership in this benefit.