31 October 2013

A comforting Halloween reminder for exhausted parents

Pumpkin buckets. Photo credit: FreeDigitalPhotos.net

I'm hearing some angst from parents who are feeling like Halloween losers.

They didn't carve pumpkins, they procrastinated on costumes, they can't find the decorations, and/or they're just not into it.

They want their kids to have a fabulous Halloween but just aren't up to the holiday frenzy that seems to get more intense every year.

May I offer a comforting reminder? All your kid needs for a great Halloween is a costume and some candy. 

No need for a Jack O'lantern or spooky decor. No need for clever treats. No need for you to dress up. You don't even need one of those pumpkin trick-or-treat buckets (I just thought the picture was cute).

Just a costume for the kid, and whatever treat feels special.

The costume doesn't need to be homemade nor particularly creative. It can be purchased today, from a nearby store, probably on deep discount. It can be thrown together using stuff already laying around the house or in the dress-up box. It can be something totally unoriginal: a movie character or a bedsheet ghost.

The treats can be regular old candy. If your kid trick-or-treats, a pillowcase or reusable grocery bag can hold the candy. If your kid doesn't or has allergies, forget the candy and get whatever treat is her favorite. All of this can be picked up today.

No need for stress or crazymaking. Tonight's just a moment to watch your kid have fun, maybe admire the neighbor's decorations, and sneak a few treats yourself.

Have a wonderful Halloween, Parenthackers!

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We have some Halloween decorations etc up this year - I actually brought them the week after Halloween LAST year for pennies! All I then had to do was remember I had them and where I put them - easy peasy

Thank you for the reminder that we don't have to be Martha-Stewart, Pinterest-crazed Super Parents for our kids (and us!) to have a good time. Thank you!

This is the eternal balance for a parent ... trying to enjoy the years when our kids are young and full of potential joy but keeping our sanity along the way. Good reminder that 95 percent of the stress we apply to days like Halloween simply doesn't apply to our kiddoes. Candy up, suit up and tell them to say, Trick or treat ... smell my feet ... give me something good to eat with as much vigor as possible!

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