Opening birthday presents after the party? Capture the moment for the thank you note.

Here's a followup on our great conversation about when to open presents at kids' birthday parties!

Several parents said they still prefer to save gift-opening until after the party, when all is quiet and less "on display." The problem is that the giver doesn't get the pleasure of seeing his or her gift opened.

Well! Gabby's friend has a solution, which Gabby shared with me on Twitter:

Take a picture of your child opening each gift, and include the picture in the thank you note.

Lovely middle ground for kids who can't yet handle the social complexities of opening gift in front of a crowd of friends. (My kid used to feel that way, so I know how painful that can be.)

Thank you, Gabby!

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    I like this advice! I wish this would have been appropriate for my baby shower (I hate opening gifts in front of people).

    Maybe an email video could be sent out for the gifts that really make an impression on the kids?

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    I’ve been happy with the trend in my area of not opening all the gifts during the party. Especially with pre-school aged kids and younger, who don’t understand theirs vs. mine.

    If you take a picture of the kid opening a gift with your smartphone, you can upload it to your Postagram app and use their service as the thank you note. They’ll send it for you, postage is included, and the photo is a pop-out cardboard square that the gift giver can keep if they so desire.

    (I do not work for postagram. Just a hack I enjoy.)