Why “disruptive” is a good thing

At Amazon: Disrupt! (affiliate link)Last month I met Bill Jensen, who among other things is the author of Disrupt! 25 Successful Habits for an Extremely Disruptive World. Bill has been conducting a series of interviews with people he considers "disruptive heroes:" people who have managed to thrive in the midst of change.

Many of his interview subjects come from the business and tech worlds, but he has collected stories from a wide range of folks, including me.

Change is something we all must manage. Some of us do it more gracefully than others, but that doesn't make it easy for anyone, even when they're telling their success stories.

I hope my story makes that clear.

To find out more about Bill's work, visit his site Simpler Work. If you're looking for a little inspiration, check out some of the other Disruptive Heroes interviews. I always love hearing about what other people learn from their challenges.


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    Your first story about how your husband is your “disruptive hero” made me tear up a little bit, because I feel the same way about my boyfriend. I’m so afraid of “change” and he never is…he’s slowly inspiring me to be less afraid. He’s not afraid to take risks in his career and he’s not afraid to “step outside his comfort zone” (I heard you say you don’t like that phrase, so I’m sorry but I can’t think of a different one!), and he wants to travel the world and try all of these exciting new things, such as moving to a different country for a year (which is terrifying to me! But I wish that it wasn’t).

    I can totally relate to your first child-birth experience! I walked into the Birthing Inn with a birth plan (which was totally useless!), and the whole experience was the first significant milestone in my life for which I felt so out of control of the situation. (It ended in a C-Section, which not part of my Birth Plan. Ha.)

    By the way, I started following your blog about 6-months-ago and I love your video posts! (This is the first one I’ve seen.)
    I really like your blog, and I’m glad that you’re back from summer vacation because I was getting bored!

    Ok, you have a quotable moment(s):

    “…..we can sometimes be our own worst roadblock in life….frankly I’ve had to get pushed….I do find that times that I’ve really been pushed to places that I initially didn’t want to go – those are the places where something inside me was enlarged – something about my capabilities changed, and I became more confident. So I think that our regular detours to places to which we don’t usually go, whether that’s a physical challenge or a mental challenge or even learning new skills or going into a social situation that you’re initially hesitant to do – you’ve got to do those things.”

    Well said!!!!

    And I am with you on the exercise thing. I bought a one-year gym membership when my daughter was born in 2011 – I didn’t go a single time. I’m struggling with finding my new exercise habit.