Back to school questions?

Ah, summer. Can you tell by my absense how much I love it? I do, but I'm also feeling the lingering effects of too little structure. I may be a poster girl for Minimalist Parenting, but I also think we're ready for the tighter ship that comes with the school year.

Well, almost ready. I've still got a beach trip in the works, plus an end of summer fiddle camp (!) with my daughter, but then it's back to regular posting. And regular life.

Here are a couple recent posts I loved reading:

For those of you heading back to school right now, I hope it's going well! I've got some back to school posts in the queue, but if there's something you'd like to talk about, I'm all ears.

Leave a comment, tweet me @parenthacks, or add your question to this Facebook post. Let's talk!