Schoola: Declutter kids’ closets and raise money for your school at the same time!

Schoola Stitch

Here's a back to school hack for those of you clearing space in your closets for new Fall school clothes!

Stacey Boyd (who I met years ago via the preschool resource site Savvy Source) suggested her new services, Schoola and Schoola Stitch, as a great back to school hack. I agree! Decluttering, supporting schools and offering parents a convenient way to shop for name-brand, gently used clothes. Fantastic.

Here's what Stacey has to say:

Schoola is all about helping schools raise money. This hack is about raising money for schools while helping you as a parent clean out your closet!

It’s a pretty simple concept:

  1. Sign up: Parents go to Schoola to sign up, select their school and request a bag. 
  2. Collect used clothes: That day we send a postage-paid collection bag which they then fill with gently-used name brand children’s clothing. 
  3. Return to Schoola: UPS picks it up free of charge. Easy peasy.
  4. Schoola pays school: Once we receive the clothing, we sort it, sell it and give up to 40% of the proceeds to the school.

On average we are seeing between $30-50 per bag of clothes – some bags chock full of clothes could raise as much as $150. And it saves parents a trip to Goodwill while raising money for their school. That's why I thought it could be a good parent hack.

Schoola Stitch — the shopping side, where you can buy already-sorted, gently used, name brand clothing — just launched, and it looks fantastic. What a great idea.

Through this Friday, 8/16/13, use the discount code STITCH20 to get 20% off your order.

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