DIY window clings with fabric paint

DIY Window Clings with Fabric Paint

I love a craft that's really a hack for using up supplies purchased for another project.

I bought a super-cheap-on-clearance set of fabric paints for a couple bucks. We used the paint for a birthday party craft but had some left over.

(The project was "paint your own hats." It was fun AND served as a parting take-away for the guests. Just say no to goodie bags.)

One of the party guests suggested we could use up the paint by making window clings. Turns out, if you paint designs on wax paper using fabric paint, once dry you can peel them off and stick them to the window!

A couple days later, my daughter tested this theory and the results are pictured above.

Hers are simple freehand designs on wax paper, but you can also slide a line drawing into a plastic sheet protector and paint over it. You can also create marbled or stained glass effects by swirling the paint colors together with a toothpick.

Fun, quick diversion for summer and for Christmas or Halloween window decor.


  1. Kendra says

    What a super idea! And when I first saw it, I assumed that you were supposed to paint directly onto the window, which made me nervous. Using it on wax paper first eliminates any “we accidentally-on-purpose drew all over the windows” concerns. I think we have some fabric paint, but if we don’t, I’m going to get some. (The kids have been promised a trip to the thrift store to buy shirts they can paint on anyway.) And now I know what to do with the leftover paint!

  2. says

    Anything with paint can be daunting but this seems like it would be easy and fun! Never did know what to do with the leftover paint but this is a good idea to use it up!

  3. says

    That’s pretty cool.

    I bet if you have a ColorForms or other brand set of board and clings, you could use them on the board… or on a white board.

  4. Stephanie Robinson says

    I had a really bad experience with this. I made some Christmas clings for the window. After Christmas, I was unable to remove them. The clings remained on that window for nearly ten years–until we sold the house. I would not recommend this for windows.