Add a swimsuit “drip-dry” zone to your shower with a tension rod

Swimsuits drip-dry in the shower
No more wet bathing suits on the floor or crowding the towel bars

Where to hang wet bathing suits? My Kids' Mom has come up with a genius solution that's as smart as it is simple to implement in your own bathroom:

I have a pool across the street from our house, so we swim almost daily. My boys (9 & 12) each have 2-3 swimsuits and swim shirts which they rotate.

I *suggest* that they rinse the suits then hang them to dry. What they *actually* do is to dump them in the sink, leave them there until someone uses the sink and gets them wet again, then shove them on top of a towel bar where the towels, suits and shirts lump together and never dry. Hanging their suits over shower curtain rod doesn't work; they couldn't easily reach the existing rod, and the drips would get on the floor.

So I bought a new tension rod and placed it along the far side of the tub just above the height of the soap dish. Now they have a place to hang their suits that's out of sight, practical and accessible.

Yes, the bar will have to be emptied before anyone uses the shower, but I can live with that since they shower less when using the pool so often in the summer anyway.

Another option: plastic, suction-cup hooks or Command self-adhesive bath hooks stuck to the back shower wall. (I'm a huge fan of Command hooks all over the house.)

Anyone else got a creative method for drying swimsuits and keeping them in quick rotation?


  1. Elana says

    When I was a kid, we had a small back porch with a roof. My mother hung up some dowels diagonally across a corner, and all towels went there to dry (leaving sand outside). Bathing suits went out there too, but I think I left mine in the tub quite a bit :D

  2. Susan says

    My big kids are trained to hang swimsuits on the inside of the shower curtain, off of the curtain hooks. Little kid lays hers on the bottom of the tub. I love the curtain rod idea, particularly for younger kids…they can reach it easily :)

  3. says

    What a genius idea! My family and I just returned from a beach vacation, and this would have been invaluable. We spent a good deal of time dealing with floors that had gotten wet from dripping swimsuits. We’ll definitely be using this in the future. Thanks!

  4. Kelly says

    Another good use for an extra shower rod: use a few shower hooks to hang inexpensive plastic bins (the dollar store variety with lots of slits or holes on the side)….it increases the storage amount in your shower/tub area drastically! We’ve used this for shampoos and soaps, toys, and even bathroom cleaners.