15 hacks in June 2013

28 June 2013

27 June 2013

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26 June 2013

17 June 2013

Fitness in your 70s and 80s: this is what it looks like

If you want to be inspired to start, restart or continue exercising, read on.

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16 June 2013

14 June 2013

Amazon deal ends Saturday: Eagle Creek travel gear 25% off

Amazon has put a bunch of Eagle Creek travel gear on sale through Saturday, June 15, 2013.

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14 June 2013

13 June 2013

One mom's DIY approach to summer: "structure, not scheduling"

The summer plan is structured, not scheduled. Sounds lovely, but what does it really look like, day to day?

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12 June 2013

Summer project: homemade merit badges

You know you want one. I do. I'm gonna suggest this Etsy tutorial to my almost 10 year-old daughter as a summertime project.

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11 June 2013

Swimming with kids: tips for making it easier

In my new post at The Accidental Expert, I've combed though our "day at the pool" hacks and added a bit more wisdom of my own.

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10 June 2013

Summer vacation: the big picture

Two links I hope will help you think differently about summer, especially if you're feeling panicked about the months ahead.

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07 June 2013

Separate eggs with an empty plastic water bottle

Photo credit: Ippinka.com That's right, you can separate eggs by slurping the yolk into a clean, empty water bottle. It may not be easier than separating eggs the old fashioned way, but it will certainly keep the kids entertained in the kitchen. → Read the full post (and watch a...

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05 June 2013

Hot day? Store your sunscreen in a cooler bag

Mrs. Mordecai discovered the secret of keeping sunscreen from getting runny and separated on those hot summer days...keeping it cool!

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04 June 2013

03 June 2013

This awkward conversation might save your son's life

Testicular cancer is the #1 cancer in young men, but is highly survivable when detected early.

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