Hot day? Store your sunscreen in a cooler bag

Store sunscreen in a cooler bag
Photo credit: Mrs. Mordecai

Mrs. Mordecai discovered the secret of keeping sunscreen from getting runny and separated on those hot summer days…keeping it cool!

From her blog post "Keeping Sunscreen Cool," reprinted with permission:

I read an article that talked about how heat can break down sunscreens and make them ineffective. I thought a week in a hot, hot car would not be the best for our brand-new, beginning-of-summer tubes of sunscreen.

I put the sunscreen in an insulated lunchbox and kept an ice pack in the top when we were away from home. Not only has the sunscreen remained effective through the summer (we have had NO sunburns this summer, hooray!), it has been much nicer to put on. I hate putting on warm, oily, slimy sunscreen.

*forehead smack of brilliance*

We've got more sunscreen hacks here, including the smart idea of "marketing" it to reluctant kids as face paint.


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    Also good to store medications in an insulated bag – many have to be kept fairly cool (like epinephrine auto-injectors). :)