Happy Father’s Day, Parenthackers!

Super Dad
I love you, Dad.

One of the great pleasures of being here has been watching the parenting conversation among fathers develop over the years.

I owe much to dads as they were a 50% of the initial wave of hack-senders and word-spreaders. Today, there's a vibrant community of fathers online swapping tips and experiences, telling stories and posting pictures. Many more are silent partners, reading along and nodding their heads in solidarity.

Here's to you, Dads. I hope today is filled with the appreciation and adulation you deserve.

I took this picture of my dad a few years ago. He's wearing the Super Dad t-shirt I got him for Father's Day circa 1978.

I bought it from Shirtique with my allowance. Who remembers Shirtique? It was a mall franchise where you chould choose the decal, choose the t-shirt, and then watch them iron it on with a big heat press.