Amazon deal ends Saturday: Eagle Creek travel gear 25% off

At Amazon: Eagle Creek Pack-Its
At Amazon: Eagle Creek travel organizers

How do I love thee, Eagle Creek? You are my favorite luggage brand! The first suitcase I purchased was by Eagle Creek, and I continue to be devoted to the brand all these years later.

These days, I'm in love with the Eagle Creek Pack-It system for two totally different roles: family packing and business travel.

Family packing: keeps clothes separate and organized

When you're packing for a family in a single suitcase, it helps to have a plan for keeping the kids' clothes separate from your own. Otherwise you'll dig through the whole bag and make a mess looking for one tiny pair of underwear.

You could use Ziplocs or bedsheet packaging to separate and categorize everyone's clothes (and I have), but Pack-Its are reusable pretty much forever which I suspect makes them more economical. Certainly better for the earth.

Another nice touch: you can buy Pack-Its in different colors, so you can use one color set per person. Once your kid is packing on his own, pass along the Pack-Its for him to use with his own suitcase.

Business travel: keeps clothes neat and wrinkle-free

My husband — the man on an eternal quest to Eliminate Every Wrinkle — turned me onto Pack-Its. He uses them for business trips when he actually needs to look presentable. His shirts stay wrinkle-free, and he can compress everything and therefore pack more than expected into a carry-on bag. (He also gets a little Type A jones from all the lovely organization when he unpacks in a hotel room.)

I used to think Pack-Its were too fussy, but I'm now a convert. Overall, they save so much time and frustration.

So! Amazon has put a bunch of Eagle Creek travel gear on sale through Saturday, including a wide selection of Pack-ItsIf you've got summer travel on the calendar (or your kids are heading to sleepaway camp) now is a good time to consider if these travel organizers will help.

At Amazon: Eagle Creek Travel Gear 25% off or more

Discount expires June 15, 2013.