Reading + links for your weekend

For some of you this is the first week of summer! Hard for me to get that into my head as it's cold and rainy here in Portland and my kids are in school for two more weeks. But there's some sun at the end of the tunnel, I know it.

Have a wonderful weekend, friends. Here's some reading and listening to enjoy.


Ever think about the "dead" in deadlines?

…here's something for you to consider. I wrote this yesterday based on a tweet that stopped me in my tracks.

→ Are deadlines really a matter of life and death? (The Accidental Expert at Babble)

A profile of work/baby juggling

Austin Kleon is one of my favorite writers/artists on the Web. He has so much more to say than "hey, look what I made!" In this interview on Copyblogger he talks about how he combines creative work and caring for his six-month old son (among other things).

Here's How Austin Kleon Writes (Copyblogger)

3 quick tips for cutting sugar from kids' snacks

I already loved the down-to-earth advice and delicious ideas at One Hungry Mama, but then I met Stacie in person and am now a full-on fangirl. Great video. Especially love the snack box idea (not unlike my prepacked single serve snack hack).

Video: 3 New Ideas for How to Cut Sugar At Home (One Hungry Mama)

Taking kids to a baseball game?

I have a pretty good hack submission. I've written a guide that highlights the rules and bonuses you can take advantage of when taking your kid to a Major League Baseball game. It's pretty thorough and I think other parents will find value in it.

Thanks, Jake! I especially like the city-specific tips.

→ The Ultimate Guide to Taking Kids to a Baseball Game (Ballpark Savvy)

NYC Dads Group talks Minimalist Parenting

I loved doing this podcast interview with Adam and Matt of NYC Dads Group. There are so many new ways for men to join the online community of dads…exciting to watch it grow.

→ Podcast: Minimalist Parenting and Dads Dealing with Depression (NYC Dads Group)

Red Rover answers the question "what do we do today?"

If you're in (or visiting) New York City, Atlanta or San Francisco, this looks helpful for summer: curated event listings for all the great things going on in town, sortable by distance and time. Museum exhibits, drop-in classes, arts and crafts, sports, shows, library programs, festivals, and more — via mobile app or the web.

→ Red Rover (via Kristen Chase of Cool Mom Picks)

How do minimalist parents handle summer scheduling?

NPR debut! Christine and I discussed minimalist summertime planning on NPR's "Tell Me More" on Tuesday. If you'd like to listen to the recording or read the transcript, it's up on the NPR website.

→ Minimalist Parenting: Doing More With Less (NPR)