Potty training tip: Use an empty baby wipe container as a dirty underwear “transporter”

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Can there ever be enough potty training tips? I don't think so, especially because the process goes so differently for each kid.

Emily shared this eminently practical hack for handling the, uh, fallout:

I'm sure other parents of potty-training toddlers will recognize this situation:

Our son is almost 100% potty trained, but occasionally at night doesn't get out of bed fast enough to get to the toilet.  

The other night when my husband was dealing with poopy underwear that needed to get downstairs to the laundry room, he saw a nearly empty plastic wipes container sitting on the counter, so he took the remaining few wipes out, put the wet dirty undies in, and voila, poopy undies transporter!

We now keep that empty wipes container nearby solely for that purpose! 


Other options for dirty underwear transport:

  • plastic bags covering the morning newspaper
  • produce bags from the grocery store
  • empty food packaging (bread bags, etc.)

Who else has a tip for handling the results of the inevitable potty training miss? Please leave a comment!

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  1. Larua says

    I have a kid who would consistently wait too long before heading to the bathroom, even well past the potty training stage. She would rush to the bathroom only to realize that she couldn’t “hold it” any longer while pulling down her pants. We had so many instances of this that we kept an old plastic ice cream tub in the bathroom to put undies, pants, and socks in when she would have accidents. She would put the wet items in the tub and set it by the basement door…it contained the smell/mess and I could easily carry the tub along with my next load of laundry downstairs as soon as I got a chance.

  2. relaxedrevolutionary says

    We reuse the wipes boxes with refills, but once the lids break off we use them as ‘pukey buckets’. They are deep enough, but a manageable size to be perfect for the task!

  3. jacki says

    My husband would have thrown that pair of underwear in the trash. Yours had a much better reaction!