Mother’s Day disappointment? Honest advice for next year.

At Etsy: Mother's Day Card: Shark Attack, by Emily-Bell
At Etsy: Mother's Day Card: Shark Attack, by Emily-Bell

From Mother's Day fail? Lessons learned — and honest advice for avoiding disappointment next year:

"I hate Mother's Day."

This, from a friend I ran into on the walk home from school. I appreciated her candor but couldn't help feeling sad. What was supposed to be a lovely occasion for her turned into a day of miscommunication, forced cheerfulness, and clashing expectations.

She's not alone. Several people I know felt disappointed by Mother's Day, and I've experienced a few duds in past years myself. This year, however, was wonderful DESPITE our decision to "reschedule" Mother's Day for a future weekend due to a previously-planned school event (why they planned it for Mother's Day I have no idea).

I've come up with some reasons why our Mother's Day works better now. Tough lessons learned from past disappointments, some of which forced me to acknowledge that my behavior (and attitude) were part of the problem.

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