Minimizing “reentry” stress when a parent travels for work

Work travel
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My husband, Rael, and I both travel for work.

His is the more “official” business travel given his more formal work setup; every six weeks or so, he spends a week in the office (he’s telecommuted from home to jobs based in other cities ever since we moved to Portland 12 years ago). He sometimes attends conferences and professional meetups as well.

Since I started Parent Hacks in 2005, I’ve also had the opportunity to travel for work. Most often, my travel amounts to a few days spent at a social media conference twice a year. But during the last couple years I’ve traveled more than usual. My travel highlight was spending nine days in Ethiopia with the ONE Campaign last year.

Traveling for work is one of our favorite things about our jobs. But work travel can also throw a logistical and emotional wrench into family life. I did an informal poll of friends and neighbors, and most tell me they struggle with the adjustment when a parent travels for work.

It took us a long time to find equilibrium around business travel, but we did. We’re now both better able to support each other and our kids (and even enjoy it) no matter which one of us is traveling.

Here are our tips for a smooth exit and return; some for helping the kids adjust, others for helping maintain relationship harmony.

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