How to grow a petting garden (sponsored)

How to grow a petting garden

Are you familiar with Go Mighty? Go Mighty is a place to build your Life List, and to participate in a community of people who are all reaching for their goals.

Go Mighty works with sponsors to support certain goals, and I am the fortunate recipient of one of these grants.

I took the opportunity to follow through on an idea that hatched about five years ago…to grow a garden based on soft, strokable plants, a. k. a. a petting garden.

If your kids are as attracted to soft, fuzzy things as mine were at that age (and still are), you will love this easy garden project…perfect for a summer afternoon.

Click over to Go Mighty to read about the story behind the petting garden, and the process of choosing the plants and planting the garden

Thank you to all on Twitter and Facebook who gave me “pettable” plant suggestions. Pictured above is Lamb’s Ear, which was your top pick (by a landslide). Thanks also to Lori Vollmer, co-owner of my favorite nursery Garden Fever, who helped me with plant selection.

This post is sponsored by the P&G Summer Stunner program. P&G provided me with a budget to buy the materials for my petting garden.


  1. says

    I’ve always been a big gardener, and when Pook was born I realized that the plants I put by our patio should all be child friendly. I went a step beyond “non-toxic” and made them all edible. There are lots of kids who come over and go straight to their favorite herb for a taste. I’ve been surprised that mint and lemon balm can be passed over for chives or basil sometimes. The additional bonus has been a cooking garden right at my patio.

  2. Asha Dornfest says

    MKM: I would love to know what you put into your edible container garden. I put Bronze Fennel into my petting garden and my 5 YO neighbor immediately marched up and started picking off bits to eat. (I was so impressed.)