Add water flavoring to medicine to make it more palatable for kids

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Megan's found a way to make the medicine go down a little easier for her kids:

My kids have both been sick on antibiotics and I forgot to get the medicine flavored at pharmacy. [You can do that?? — Asha]

So I flavored the medicine myself with store-bought Mio water flavorings. Not only did they work — the kids got to pick their own flavors with each dose.

I added a drop or two of the flavoring to each individual dose, mixed it and then sucked it all up in syringe! The kids loved it.

I have no idea what the difference is between the flavorings at the pharmacy and these water flavorings, so I would ask the pharmacist before trying this yourself.

We've received lots of creative ideas for getting kids to take their medicine. Past hacks include using bendy straws, masking flavor with candy spray, dipping lollipops, and offering a chaser of flavored syrup.

Sometimes you do what you gotta do.

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  1. Katrina (Pharmacist) says

    The pharmacy flavoring will add bitterness suppressor & sweetening enhancer, in addition to the flavor of choice – and the flavorings have been tested to see which flavor works best with the specific medication. But, I see no problem with adding flavoring to a single dose – I would avoid attempting to flavor an entire bottle, as I’m not sure about the stability.

  2. Amy says

    My pharmacist cousin suggests adding chocolate syrup to a single dose.
    We’ve had the best luck just putting a chocolate square on the table in front of the kiddo… to be eaten ONLY once the medicine is down.