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For some of you this is the first week of summer! Hard for me to get that into my head as it's cold and rainy here in Portland and my kids are in school for two more weeks. But there's some sun at the end of the tunnel, I know it. Have a wonderful weekend, […]

10 family movie picks you can borrow from the library for free

10 Cheap (or Free!) Movies for Family Movie Night

In my latest Babble post, I share nine movies and one TV series to kick off your summer family movie nights. All are old enough to be found at the library (or via streaming) and all have an important message to impart or a tricky situation to explore later in conversation.

Reading + links for your weekend

It has been an odd week around here. I've been in a low-level funk ever since returning from Mom 2.0 Summit, which makes no sense. Frankly, it pisses me off because really, why? (Especially in light of the happenings in Oklahoma, it feels pretty spoiled. Donating to the Red Cross helped.) It finally dawned on […]

Mother’s Day disappointment? Honest advice for next year.

At Etsy: Mother's Day Card: Shark Attack, by Emily-Bell

At Etsy: Mother's Day Card: Shark Attack, by Emily-Bell From Mother's Day fail? Lessons learned — and honest advice for avoiding disappointment next year: "I hate Mother's Day." This, from a friend I ran into on the walk home from school. I appreciated her candor but couldn't help feeling sad. What was supposed to be […]