Portland book party wrap-up

The book party!
That's me in my new YELLOW! sweater talking To Kristi Wallace Knight, Fiction Editor of Stealing Time, a new literary magazine you should check out as soon as you finish reading this post.

What a wonderful party! 

It meant so much to me to see friends from every corner of my life coming together…readers of both Minimalist Parenting and Parent Hacks. Neighbors, my kids' preschool teacher and her lovely adult daughter, a dear friend from high school, and several people I didn't know came out to celebrate. I could not be more grateful.

Flat Christine, Sparky the Unicorn, and treats from local bakery Cupcake Jones
Flat Christine, Sparky the Unicorn, and treats from local bakery Cupcake Jones

Courtney Duke of UrbanMamas and I spent the afternoon before shopping for wine and party supplies. She then arrived early to help set up, and THEN made sure the party ran smoothly without even breaking a sweat.

Marlynn Schotland put together 50 beautiful gift bags for guests. Not only did each bag contain surprises from local women-owned businesses, Marlynn even designed CUSTOM LABELS for the bags.

Jane Dolan of A Children's Place Bookstore let us take over the store while she gave up her evening to welcome guests and staff the register.

My husband Rael poured wine and lemonade for guests, and generally shined as he does.

And my kids! How wonderful for my kids to be a part of my "work" in this way.

Even Flat Christine was there with her magical friend (beautifully illustrated by my very proud daughter).

I want to especially thank all those who donated money to the One Fund Boston. We raised $29 which I added to my own personal donation of $50 for a total of $79 via PayPal to support the home of my coauthor and my publisher.

It was such a special evening. I'll never forget it.

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