This scarf saves lives. Get it now before it’s gone. Free shipping April 4-5 only!

FashionABLE + ONEMoms scarf: GENET
Exclusive ONEMoms + FashionABLE scarf: Genet

When a non-shopper like me says "the perfect gift," I mean it.

This scarf — the result of an exclusive partnership between the ONE Campaign, FashionABLE and the ALT Summit — does more than look fabulous. It tells an unlikely story.

  • About the woman who wove it.
  • About the inspiring non-profit that funded it.
  • About the hundreds of creatives who crowdsourced its design.
  • And about the organization that stepped up to share it with the world

At the end of this post, I'm going to encourage you to BUY IT NOW. But I want you to know why. (Of course, if you want to skip the reading and BUY IT NOW, that's fine too! Perfect for Mother's Day.)

Genet, the weaver

The weaver, Genet, and her daughter
The weaver, Genet, and her daughter

Genet lives in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and supports herself and her six year-old daughter by weaving. Before, her only viable option was commercial sex work, as she lived on the street, having run away from an abusive family at age 12.

FashionABLE, the non-profit

When I traveled to Ethiopia in October 2012 with the ONE Campaign, I had the chance to meet Genet, hear her story, and visit FashionABLE, the non-profit that makes her work possible.

I wrote about our visit here.

ALT Summit and the crowdsourced scarf design

One of my Ethiopia travel mates was Gabrielle Blair of Design Mom, and founder of the ALT Summit design conference. Gabby embodies a rare combination of heart, business savvy and pure can-do chutzpah that just floors me.

She had the idea of bringing together ONE, FashionABLE, and her vibrant design community to crowdsource an exclusive new scarf, just for friends of ONE, for the benefit of all. The resulting process is the stuff of fairy tale (although I'm sure the work involved felt nothing like it).

Read about the origin of the Genet scarf design in Gabby's own words.

The ONE Campaign, ONEMoms, and why all of this matters

You already know I am commited to sharing the message of the ONE Campaign: using our voices to eradicate extreme poverty and preventable disease. This is just one of the very real ways they are helping make that happen.

Buy now — it will sell out fast + free shipping April 4-5 only

You're one of the first people to hear about the Genet scarf, and so you have the opportunity to grab it now during the pre-sale before it sells out.

Genet weaving scarves at FashionABLE in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Genet weaving scarves at FashionABLE in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Last October, when the ONEMoms wrote about our FashionABLE factory visit, the resulting sales cleared out the entire stock of scarves enabling FashionABLE to hire three more women (thereby opening the door to three new lives).

That's right, FashionABLE was completely sold out!

This limited edition Genet scarf ships on April 17, with plenty of time for Mother's Day gifting, end-of-year gifts for teachers, or gift to keep on hand for later in the year.

I have three FashionABLE scarves, and manage to wear one almost every day (in fact, that's the Etanesh Stripes version in my photo with Christine below this post.)

Or, why not buy it for yourself? You've earned it. Genet, who is probably sitting and weaving right now, has too.

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The Genet scarf is $65, and shipping is free April 4-5.
Buy it now at FashionABLE.


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    Genet’s story does make one believe in fairy tales.. thanks for sharing it with us.. I feel all inspired to make a difference!

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    I have always wanted to buy one of these FashionABLE scarves. I love them all! I wear scarves every single day (which is actually possible in the SF climate)–I’d put it to good use :)