Mom 2.0 Summit, a book signing, and a Cozi thank you

Tomorrow I head to Southern California for the Mom 2.0 Summit, a conference I've been looking forward to since I attended two years ago. 

Christine and I are speaking, and our talk touches on our roles as both co-authors of Minimalist Parenting and professional bloggers at Boston Mamas and Parent Hacks.

Our talk is called “Minimalize” Your Workflow: Practical Steps for Enjoying Your Blogging More By Doing Less, and we'll be sharing some mindset adjustments and practical steps for streamlining and focusing online work.

Many of the concepts we talk about in Minimalist Parenting (and put into practice in MinCamp) are applicable to professional blogging. The "more, more more" aspect of online work can be overwhelming, and there are concrete steps you can take to dial it down and bring balance to your daily workflow. We'll be sharing our framework and lots of practical tips in our talk.

Cozi Family OrganizerI'd also like to thank Cozi for supporting our book's presence at Mom 2.0. Cozi is an official sponsor for our conference book signing on Saturday morning.

We couldn't have found a better partner, because I've been a fan of Cozi for years. A good shared calendar and to-do list is at the core of Minimalist Parenting, and Cozi Family Organizer is one of the best free options out there.

Cozi lets your family easily share:

  • A calendar (simplifying family logistics)
  • A to-do list (you can create individual and shared lists)
  • A shopping list (hugely helpful if you share shopping duties)
  • A journal (for jotting down quick notes and adding pictures)

Everything syncs across devices, computers, and even other calendaring systems. I especially like that you can include your older kids without having to sign them up for a Google account (not something all families want to do right away).

Sign up and give Cozi a try (it's free). If you sign up today you'll be entered for a chance to win a Dropcam HD camera.

As I mentioned in my weekend update or my recent post at The Accidental Expert, I am heading to the conference without my computer because it's stuck in the repair shop. Needless to say, my posting plans have been interrupted, so I'm taking this as a sign to focus my energy offline. I will be back to regular posting next week. 

If you'll be at Mom 2.0, I hope you'll come find me! One of my favorite things about conferences is the bridge between "virtual" and "in real life."


  1. pdxfoodmama says

    Cozi is da bomb. We use it every single day, don’t know what we’d do without it.