Weekend book update: Alpha Mom book club, Huffington Post, TV news appearance, Portland book party

Thank you for your patience with my "all Minimalist Parenting all the time" focus for the last few weeks. With all of the excitement and work of the book launch, MinCamp, and everything else, it has been a lot to share. Hopefully I haven't overwhelmed you with the book stuff.

From here on out, I will do book-related highlight roundups on the weekend, and will share links and exciting moments in real time on Twitter and Facebook. Thanks for being the best readers in the world. — Asha

The response to Minimalist Parenting has been staggering. We've had a few heart-stopping moments (like when the book hit #168 at Amazon on launch day, and when Christine saw the room filled with love for the Boston launch party), but mostly, it has been a steady stream of enthusiasm and support

There's almost an audible sigh of relief we're hearing from overwhelmed parents. That, more than anything else, gets our unicorn flag flying.


We track every press mention and review we see on the Press page, but here are some recent highlights:

Events: RSVP for the Portland book party!

The Boston launch party was a rousing success. Here's Christine's wrap-up.

Up next: the Portland launch party on Saturday, April 20 at 7pm! urbanMamas is co-sponsoring and the adorable A Children's Place Bookstore is hosting! Please come!

RSVP at Eventbrite (it's free). There will be treats! And…the first 50 guests to arrive will get a special surprise (you'll love it).

Free Workshop

MinCamp continues to be amazing. We've got almost 2000 signups. Sign up now!


We think this graphic, by the lovely and talented (and cheeky in the best way) Jamaica Jenkins of Parenting On Track, sums it up perfectly.