I’m not a parenting expert, but I play one on…an awesome new video resource for parents

Kids In The House is a new video advice site for parents. In some ways it resembles a "video Parent Hacks" (in function if not in design). Thousands of easily searchable short videos that focus on solving specific parenting problems.

Asha Dornfest filming with Kids In The House
That's me sharing my pearls of parenting wisdom.

I was invited to share my own particular brand of parenting wisdom, which I did wearing professional makeup (!) in front of three different high-resolution video cameras. You'd think it was weird…but it ended up being the most natural, organic conversation between me at KITH founder Leana Greene.

KITH is a labor of love for Leana and her staff, and it showed. They have been working for years with experts across genres, and have collected over 7000 videos from notables such as Dr. Ned Hallowell and Madeline Levine (two I admire most), and bloggers such as Rookie Moms Heather Flett and Whitney Moss, and Katherine Stone of Postpartum Progress.

I'll leave you with one of my videos (married-with-kids advice!), and you can check out the full collection on my profile page at Kids In The House. (You need to get an account to view the videos, but it's quick.)


  1. says

    Deborah Tannen discussed the differences between “report talk” and “rapport talk”. It’s so easy so settle into the routine of logistics, many couples forget to sit down and engage with each other.

  2. Roz (Mom) says

    Good advice. You are so tuned in to what makes for great parenting and marriage. Proud to be your Mom. And you looked terrific, too.