Dry crazy straws with a drop of alcohol

At Amazon: Crazy straws (pack of 6)
At Amazon: Crazy straws (pack of 6)

Shannon's solution is much smarter than mine, which is to leave crazy straws sitting in the dish drainer for a week, and then throw them away because they smell musty.

No matter how hard you wash those twisty crazy straws they are impossible to dry.

A drop of rubbing alcohol will flush out the water and dry it up. If you're worried about any residue, you can always rinse the straw right before your child uses it again.

This is what's recommended to clean/dry breast pump tubes, so I figure if it's good enough for the newly-born, my kids can handle it!

This is the perfect follow-up to another smart crazy straw tip that came in a while back: use a crazy straw to "lock" the straw inside a to-go cup.


  1. LDK says

    Just to clarify, breast pump tubes never touch the breast milk. They simply create the air suction, so rubbing alcohol does not mix with breast milk.

  2. Shannon says

    @Brett Either a bulb syringe or, even better, the tiny funnels that come with sand art projects (e.g. Oriental Trading crafts)I realize I didn’t mention this in my original submission!

    I don’t do this when they are on a crazy straw jag and using them several times a day. It’s more for when they’ve lost interest after a couple of days of heavy use and they’re going back in the drawer.

    @LDK That’s why I run water through the straws again before they use them. I guess I was thinking along the lines of the drying properties and how well it works with those skinny tubes and the germ killing factor (if milk backs up into tubes;inhibits growth of bacteria) but you are right, the alcohol isn’t coming in contact with the breast milk.

  3. Helpy says

    Even more efficient: an oral syringe! I’m sure everyone has a few of those lying around. It would also hold a decent amount of alcohol to run through the straw with force. Definitely rinse BOTH before next use though!

  4. says

    Why don’t you just use a kind of strong alcohol that is drinkable, like vodka? Methanol is pretty yucky. I doubt you’d go through more than one of those little airline bottles if you are really only using a few drops.