Wrap homemade burritos in foil to make them easier for little kids to eat

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At Amazon: Reynolds Wrap Aluminum Foil

Sometimes kids get frustrated with dinner not because they don't like the food, but because the process of eating it requires a little more dexterity than they've got.

Carrie's solution for little kids + homemade burritos has been in use at taquerias forever, but at home it changed everything.

This is a minor hack. A hack-ette. But it still made so much sense to me when it came to me (the forehead smack!) that I want to share it, in case it helps anyone else with this issue.

We had soft tacos for dinner the other night. My 6-year-old son likes the IDEA of soft tacos, but after the first two bites, the whole thing's falling apart and he's frustrated and wanting a sandwich instead.

This time, just a second before I put the plate on the table, I dashed back to the kitchen and wrapped a strip of foil around the taco to hold it together. My son loved it, because he could hold onto the taco without having to worry about keeping the insides where they belonged, and he had a blast peeling away the foil as he went along.

Wrapping up the taco even allowed him to set it down (no easy feat on an unwrapped soft taco) and eat his side dishes before coming back to the taco. He happily ate his whole dinner.

You know you're onto something when you only wish you'd thought of it sooner, right?

RIGHT! That's why, when folks send in hacks they worry are "too obvious," I always say that one person's obvious is another person's life-changer. Thank you, Carrie!

PS. I just had to include another bit of Carrie's email, because it sums up everything I love about the Parent Hacks community.

I have gotten so many great hacks from your site over the years, and I'm so excited to finally have one of my own to share. Feels like paying back all the good vibes you and other parents have put out there over the years, you know?

Also: This hack brings up the larger topic of tweaking your home (or meal, or whatever) to make kid independence part of the design. Here's one example: encourage independence by creating a self-serve "breakfast drawer" in your refrigerator


  1. says

    I do that too for my kids… A few years in India and we learnt to wrap our “parantha” in a foil and eat it on our way to school:D

  2. Lauren says

    Also good for hot dogs so the meat doesn’t squirt out of the bun.

    I use a foil “handle” on chicken drumsticks too because my kids love to eat them but don’t like messy fingers.

  3. Mis says

    Oh good lord, this is so obvious and brilliant at the same time. Why didn’t I think of this? THANK YOU.