21 hacks in April 2013

30 April 2013

Mom 2.0 Summit, a book signing, and a Cozi thank you

Tomorrow I head to Southern California for the Mom 2.0 Summit, a conference I've been looking forward to since I attended two years ago. Christine and I are speaking, and our talk touches on our roles as both co-authors of Minimalist Parenting and professional bloggers at Boston Mamas and Parent...

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29 April 2013

Manage your money just enough: create a simple filing system for your tax records

Part 1 of the series "Manage Your Money Just Enough": When it comes to a simple filing system, having a system in place -- any system -- lets you handle paper and information as soon as it comes in.

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27 April 2013

A story about life balance, and an exciting feature

Time to get back in balance. At least, that's what my computer's telling me. Also: a feature in The Week!

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25 April 2013

Your money management tips are on the way

Photo credit: FreeDigitalPhotos.net A little while ago I put out a hack request for your simple money management tips. Your response has been so great that it's taking me a while to organize and post your tips! I'm taking extra time with this series because I know that organizing finances,...

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24 April 2013

Dry crazy straws with a drop of alcohol

Shannon's solution is much smarter than mine, which is to leave crazy straws sitting in the dish drainer for a week, and then throw them away because they smell musty.

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23 April 2013

6 things you can stop doing now

From my new post at Babble: "Do less, enjoy more." There’s a symmetry to that line…a balance that’s so tantalizing in its simplicity. Unfortunately, it brings to mind another line: "Easier said than done..."

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21 April 2013

20 April 2013

16 April 2013

HACK REQUEST: Organizing your finances

Let's talk about money systems. I want to hear about your just-enough-not-too-much approaches to finances.

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16 April 2013

Spring cleaning is more fun when it's outside

An excerpt of my new post at Babble, "Screen wean! 8 fun and useful outdoor 'chores' to coax your kids outside."

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15 April 2013

Wrap homemade burritos in foil to make them easier for little kids to eat

Carrie's solution for little kids + burritos has been in use at taquerias forever, but at home it changed everything.

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13 April 2013

Weekend book news

I do Minimalist Parenting-related highlight roundups here on the weekend.

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12 April 2013

Communication is key to mindful smart phone use when the kids are around

Amy discovered a simple, respectful way to check her work email while spending time with her kids.

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10 April 2013

Motivate struggling readers with joke books, comics and other "junky" reads

Dana's simple hack of using humor to dial down reading anxiety for her son Wenxin could apply to any struggling reader.

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08 April 2013

Use cloth diapers as reusable Swiffer Sweeper pads

Swiffer Sweepers are convenient, but the disposable cleaning cloths get expensive and add to the landfill. Here's a quick idea for DIY reusable Swiffer pads.

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