Mom 2.0 Summit, a book signing, and a Cozi thank you

Cozi Family Organizer

Tomorrow I head to Southern California for the Mom 2.0 Summit, a conference I've been looking forward to since I attended two years ago.  Christine and I are speaking, and our talk touches on our roles as both co-authors of Minimalist Parenting and professional bloggers at Boston Mamas and Parent Hacks. Our talk is called “Minimalize” Your Workflow: Practical Steps for […]

Your money management tips are on the way

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Photo credit: A little while ago I put out a hack request for your simple money management tips. Your response has been so great that it's taking me a while to organize and post your tips! I'm taking extra time with this series because I know that organizing finances, both for everyday and for tax […]

6 things you can stop doing now

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From my new post at Babble: “Do less, enjoy more.” There’s a symmetry to that line…a balance that’s so tantalizing in its simplicity. Unfortunately, it brings to mind another line: “Easier said than done…”