06 March 2013

Vacuum seal emergency diapers to save bag space

Vacuum sealed diaper!
Vacuum sealed diaper!
Look how thin!
Look how thin!

I'll skip the preamble so the brilliance of Aaron's hack shines on its own:

Here's a hack I came up with for an emergency diaper I had stashed in my messenger bag that goes everywhere: vacuum sealer + backup diaper. Packs down tiny, keeps it from wearing out while floating around the bottom of a bag, etc. Works with wipes too!

If this isn't a quintisessential parent hack I don't know what is. This brought back memories of those old Seal-A-Meal TV commercials from when I was a kid! The technology behind vacuum sealers is still much the same, with FoodSaver and Seal-A-Meal at the head of the pack.

A Ziploc bag would work, too, but would take up so much more space in a packed bag! You're a smart guy, Aaron. Thanks for sharing.

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You can Also do this with a spare outfit, I would use a ziplock and squeeze all the air out, It meant I always had an emergency change of clothes in the bottom of my bag, and it took up very little room.

I did this when I traveled with my toddler, by plane. I put a ton of diapers in a gallon-sized ziplock bag, squeezed the air out, put them in our carry-on, and had plenty for our 8-hour travel day.

I use this technique to pack my kids' outfits for travel.

Ziplock bags; I sit on the bag to push out the air while zipping them shut.

Love this tip I have give month old twins and carry spare outfits and nappies for both of then in a huge bag. Will try this to save space.

Thanks for sharing some tips on what to keep in your diaper bag so you are ready to meet Baby's needs.

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