Tissue box as stomp rocket storage system

Store stomp rockets in an empty tissue box. Photo credit: Whitney Moss
Store stomp rockets in an empty tissue box. Photo credit: Whitney Moss

At Amazon: Stomp Rocket Jr. Glow Kit
At Amazon: Stomp Rocket Jr. Glow Kit

The Northeast may be buried in snow and it may be cold and rainy in Portland, but I am stubbornly clinging to the fantasy that sunny, warm weather is right around the corner.

Have you ever played with a stomp rocket? Has your kid? It's my favorite birthday present choice for a 3- to 7 year-old with a warm weather birthday. Gets everyone outside, active, and laughing — including much older kids and even adults. EVERYONE wants a go at a stomp rocket.

This hack from Whitney Moss of Rookie Moms and 510 Families puts a tissue box to work storing the rockets. So smart! Schlepping the original box around is a hassle, and this is so much easier for kids to handle.

When it's time to put everything away in the garage, just rubber band or bungee the compressor and box of rockets together and you're ready for the next day at the park.

What's your favorite outdoor toy that appeals to a wide range of kids?

Related: You can also use an empty tissue box as a car trash can, storage for diaper disposal bags, or a bedside wastebasket.


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    Great idea with the stomp rocket–we already lost all of our rockets!

    The kids in my neighborhood love to make and fly paper airplanes. It keeps them busy for hours.

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    I love the Stomp Rocket but also love love love Ogosport’s fora and rack fora. They are fantastic “trampoline” like toys that kids and adults alike can enjoy. Best of all, they teach skills that can be transferred to sports – especially volleyball. I find you can teach a young child how to do an underhand serve with them and it gets them moving their feet and running to the ball since it doesn’t hurt them if it hits them.

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    I work at Child’s Play Toys in NW Portland, and we LOVE Stomp Rockets! That storage idea is genius! We’ll definitely pass it onto our customers.

    Christina – If you lose the rockets you can buy replacement packs.