Ice cream cones as seedling starter cups

Image credit: Steve Albert via Home DIY (by way of Design Mom)

Anyone else feeling the gardening urge? I spent a few sunny hours last weekend cleaning up my planter boxes and popping in new vegetable starts. My vegie garden is small and manageable, but the pleasure I get from it is huge.

I'm growing a few snap pea vines, some kale, herbs and a single tomato plant which will go in later this Spring. I'm using starts — baby plants I bought at the nursery — but in the past I've started plants from seed. Starting from seed isn't all that hard, and it's MUCH more economical. Plus, you have access to more varieties of plants, and your kids will have the experience of watching the entire seed-to-harvest cycle.

This hack, which I came across on Design Mom, will practically guarantee your kids will be excited about the garden: use ice cream cones as seed-starting containers. So adorable, and easy to pop into the ground when the time comes.

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Are you planting a garden this year? Got any favorite tips or links for gardening with kids?

We've got a bunch of hacks for gardening with kids. If you're in the slightest bit curious, I encourage you to start with a single plant or packet of seed and go for it.