Homemade sidewalk chalk

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My cousin shared this homemade sidewalk chalk recipe on the Parent Hacks Facebook page

Homemade sidewalk chalk recipe
Homemade sidewalk chalk recipe

I'd think it would be easier to use a flexible silicone mini muffin tin for this project.

Has anyone tried making sidewalk chalk? I'd love to hear how it goes. 

(I wish I could credit the original creator but can't find who it is. If you know, please leave a link in the comments.)

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  1. says

    Whatever it takes to keep the kids busy and out of my hair is good in my book. The only time I see sidewalk chalk these days is on a college campus, usually in protest of something. This is a great way to let kids partake in some of the same stuff we used to with a thing called good old-fashioned creativity. Imagine that, kids can actually do something without the newest technology or sitting in front of the TV.

  2. Amy says

    From what I gather online, this makes sidewalk paint, no chalk. Not a bad thing necessarily, but something to check on. Looks like fun as paint though from all blogs talking about it.

  3. caroline says

    I grew up making sidewalk chalk out of water, powdered tempera paint, and plaster of paris…. not sure anymore about the proportions…it seems that it would be tough to use the muffin shape for drawing. We used tupperware popsicle molds.

  4. Rebecca says

    We followed the directions step by step but they did not turn out, we tried putting them in the fridge to help them harder and that helped but they still broke into pieces, did anyone try putting them in the oven to help with the hardening process??? if someone could answer me tat would be great u can reach me @ rflynn0418@gmail.com

  5. EC says

    However, my kids love magic mud since you already have the cornstarch. You just add less water. Should be hard to stir but liquid likeif you let it dit in your hand. Have them play on a cookie tray.

  6. Angie says

    Yeah I agree with Rebecca and Wendy. I tried making it that way too. I even left the pan out to dry for a day and a half and still wont dry. how long do you dry it for or how is it suppose to dry? Need to know before this next Sunday the 24th. I was going to make something special for the kids for church using this simple recipe and now they wont even harden. It stays liquidy. what do we do to make it harden?

  7. McLovin says

    It just crumbled when it was dry. This only makes paint. There are other recipes that use plaster of paris that appear to work. I’m going to try those next.

  8. Katherine says

    For side walk chalk use Plaster of Paris. It only costs a couple bucks at the craft store.

  9. Dee says

    This recipe did not work….I even let it sit overnight and it did not harden at all… other recipes online say to use plaster of paris…I will have to try it.

  10. sandy Masters says

    I used this recipe to make vicks shower disks. you bake them at 350 for 20 min take them out of the tins before the pan is totally cooled & if you use wrappers take them out of the wrappers. Mine didn’t have color to them, because like I said I made them as shower disk. I have white chalk.

  11. Kris says

    I agree with most of you that it DID NOT work. I also let it sit over night and it is still runny, I also tried to add a bit more corn starch and it still has not hardened. I made mine at noon and its been over 24 hrs and the bottom its not even hard yet :(

  12. Jamie says

    Does not work not sure how this became so hot on facebook when it does not work . Off to make my own and post it as real recipe !

  13. Bob Jones says

    I tried it too. It’s bogus. This is the second failed science project of the weekend. The first was the bogus Mt.Dew, peroxide, and baking soda glow stick ( bottle). People should test these things BEFORE they post them all over the net. They may be inexpensive but they were a real letdown for the kids.

  14. Dar says

    Great guess i should of read all these comments before I tried it! Mine are waiting to harden as we speak! lol

  15. Jumala says

    The plaster of Paris works well, use a bit more water than box calls for. It takes longer to dry, but works better. Also, make it in toilet paper tubes. Just peel off the cardboard when dry. That way you have sticks instead of disks. :-)