Minimalist Parenting: T minus one week

Minimalist Parenting

We're a week from the official release of Minimalist Parenting. To call this a surreal moment doesn't do it justice because I don't imagine surreal is this exciting. Between MinCamp, the press interest, and the outpouring of support and enthusiasm…well, sometimes Christine and I just shake our heads in wonder over it all.

In case you haven't been following my incoherent gushing on Twitter and Facebook (I've tried to sheild you from some of it), here's where we're at right now.

  • The book's available at Amazon. Those who have preordered have already received their copies. Every time someone takes a picture of our book and posts it somewhere, we get a little thrill.
  • We just had our first bookstore sighting TODAY.
  • MinCamp is going strong. It is so inspiring to watch people take up the challenge of changing their lives in simple, easy ways. Signup is ongoing if you're interested!
  • Lots of press goodness in the works. I start interviews nevous and then get so jazzed when C & I get to actually talk about Minimalist Parenting. Not just the book, but the idea.
  • We're putting together book launch parties. Christine's is in Boston on March 28 (grab a ticket!). Mine will be in Portland, OR on April 20 (save the date; details are on the way).
  • We're going to conferences. Keep an eye on our Events page…it's sure to change quite a bit in the coming weeks. We've got some incredible supporters helping us with the book tour plans.
  • We're handing out unicorns. UNICORNS. To thank you for helping us with a crucial step in our book launch only you can do: review the book on Amazon.

If you'd like up-to-the-minute book news, follow the Minimalist Parenting blog or sign up for email updates.

Thank you. You'll hear me say it several times this week. I am so grateful to you all.


  1. Roz says

    Just read the article in the Times of London. That is so cool! Congratulations! This book is going to do well. Of course, as your Mom, I am prejudiced!!