Thank you. That’s all.


If you've been hanging around here long enough you know I'm prone to fits of sentimentality and public displays of affection. (Sorry, guys, I've always been this way. Pollyanna + rainbows. Accept it.)

It's just that in the last few days, I've been to an amazing conference full of amazing people, I asked for your help with a parenting problem and have gotten 50 comments in response (so far), and I announced a workshop (MinCamp, with Christine) and already have over 200 signups.

This tidal wave of generosity and goodness gives me pause. I sometimes wonder if parents — people — have any idea how much meaningful community and real friendship is happening on the Internet, and I'm not just talking "Facebook friends."

Thank you, everyone, for making this such an incredible place to be every day. I LOVE YOU GUYS. *sloppy hug*