12 February 2013

State of the Union printable worksheet

State of the Union printable worksheet by Calamity Jennie
State of the Union printable worksheet by Calamity Jennie
(click to read more and download your own worksheet)

If you thought Super Bowl Bingo was cool, check this out. IT'S A STATE OF THE UNION PRINTABLE, PEOPLE.

Okay, maybe not for everyone, but Calamity Jennie's all ready to go. She put together this printable worksheet so she and her daughter can track the issues President Obama discusses in tonight's State of the Union address. It's more of a game than a worksheet, which is even better.

My kids and I watched Obama's 2009 inauguration together, along with all three Presidential debates. They were fascinated. (They're 13 and 9.) No matter what your political bent, watching the State of the Union as a family is a fantastic exercise in civil education.

You've got to read the full post, which is thoroughly delightful.

Read more (and download your printable worksheet) at Calamity Jennie:
State of the Union, THE WORKSHEET

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