#MinCamp kicks off tomorrow!

MinCampI was up last night putting the finishing touches on MinCamp, the companion workshop to Minimalist Parenting. Really, I was just fussing with the details…it's all ready to go, and Christine and I are so excited with how it turned out.

For two weeks, we'll email you one doable task per day that will help you simplify and streamline your home and life. We focus on the topics most of us find challenging:

  • time (we need more!)
  • stuff (we need less!)
  • meals (we need simple and healthful)
  • self-care (we need a moment for ourselves)

Plus: you'll earn MERIT BADGES.

850 people are signed up for MinCamp so far! We hope you'll join us, too. It's free, it's fun, and we hope it will make a lasting difference in your life.

Sign up for MinCamp here: /www.minimalistparenting.com/mincamp

Update 3/1/13: MinCamp's pioneer group of over 1000 is off and running! But you can sign up any time for the full workshop…registration is open.

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