Keep bananas fresh after they’re cut with lemon juice + wax paper

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From Amazon: Progressive International Chrome Wire Fruit Bowl

Here's how to keep a cut banana fresh (you know, the half your kid didn't finish). From veteran Parenthacker Jill:

Came across this one accidentally, as most do.

I was asked to contribute fruit to a school party. I wanted out easy, so I bought bananas. My husband made fun of me, saying that out of 120 eight year olds, probably only ten of them would eat bananas at a party.

I added in grapes and decided to cut the bananas in half. To prevent them from browning, I dipped the ends in lemon juice, but then realized we'd be outdoors and flies might be a problem with open ends. So I tore small squares of wax paper and stuck the open end of the banana to the wax paper.

Turns out, of 120 kids, fewer than ten ate bananas. (Watermelon and strawberries went first.) But, several days later the ends were still fresh in my fridge. Not mushy, not brown.

It wasn't as easy as just tossing a bunch of bananas on the table, but still pretty simple. Since kids often quit on a banana after half, this would be very simple at home, to save the second half for later without it getting messy.

Another option for orphan half-bananas: peel, slice, and freeze them for use in smoothies or banana bread.

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