Glow stick magic wand Valentines

Glow stick magic wand Valentines. Photo credit: Homa Woodrum
Glow stick magic wand Valentines.
Photo credit: Homa Woodrum

Another adorable idea for homemade Valentines where the treat isn't candy: it's a mini glow stick.

Homa turned die-cut paper stars and inexpensive bracelet-glow sticks into sweet little fairy wands. Adorable.

Homa passed this idea along via Twitter. I often retweet (or repost) hacks that come in via Twitter and Facebook. Come join us there. @parenthacks on Twitter and Parent Hacks on Facebook.

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  1. Kendra says

    I know it’s almost Valentine’s Day, so I’m a little late to comment, but my kids’ school just informed us that they’re not allowing any treats (the edible kind) for Valentines this year. Thanks to some Parent Hacks inspiration, we’re doing two kinds of insanely easy Valentines. I got some red printer paper (we don’t have a color printer) and I’ve created one Valentine that has a heart and says, “You’re just ‘write’ for me, Valentine!” These will get pencils hole punched through the center. (I take no credit for this idea; Google it for lots of great images). The other is one I also found via Google, and it says, “You make my heart glow!” and has a glow stick. Simple, fast, and all the kids get something fun and school-approved!