Clothing-shaped drawer labels show kids where to put away their clothes

Crafterhours: Drawer Stickers

Crafterhours: Drawer Stickers

Susan’s brilliant labeling brainstorm helps her kids get their laundry put away:

Related to the post on photo labels, I created labels for my kids’ clothing drawers to help them (and Gramma. And babysitters. And dad.) put things away and find them again. 

I created a drawer label template for DIYers. For non-DIYers (most people don’t have a vinyl cutter? whaaa?) I made drawer labels available for purchase.

What an adorable solution to an annoying problem (it’s annoying in my house at least). The labels I made for my kids’ drawers were decidedly less attractive (I printed them using my trusty labeler) but they helped. Most of the time.

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  1. Dawn says

    I did something similar. We move my son’s clothes around according to season and for a long time I made him (um…Dad) outfits. I used photos I found online (mostly Carter’s and Target) to make labels, laminated them, and then put Velcro on the back. I started to it with stitched felt, but I was an over-ambitious first time mom. I have tags for nearly every piece of clothing (shorts, pants, long sleeve, short sleeve, underpants, socks, pjs, sweaters…etc) and combinations of shirts and shorts/pants. He can put away his own clothes and find what he wants to wear. And now they are helpful getting ready for baby #2. I can write on them with dry erase so I know what size is in what drawer.

  2. Erin says

    I cannot download the template, cause I do in fact have a vinyl cutter (won a Silhouette Cameo!). Can you help an OCD organizer out?

  3. Jennifer says

    My girls have their clothes in plastic bins on shelves; I use wet-erase markers to label the bins with a picture and a word label. I got really fancy and put chalkboard labels on the bins so it ‘pops’ more, but you can just write directly on the bin plastic.

  4. Jen says

    I love these labels more than any others out there that I’m finding, but when I try to download, it says the page is not found. Did you take these down?