Book-related goodies: Live chat Thursday 2/21, MinCamp update, and more

I've spent an embarassing proportion of the last week staring at my computer.

Facebook update

I've gotten plenty of things done but my writing brain is blocked by a big, flashing sign that says THIS IS SO EXCITING. So, rather than fight it (I tried, yesterday, to no avail) I'm just going to spew a list of all the exciting stuff happening right now in the hopes that I can get my writing brain back on track.

Live chat Thursday 2/21

The Oregonian (my local paper!) just gave Minimalist Parenting a great review. As a bonus, Christine and I have been invited to participate in a live chat! I hope you'll join us on 2/21, at noon PST/3pm EST…it would be lovely to hear some familiar voices.

Boston book launch party

Christine and Isis Parenting are putting together a great party for the book launch. If you're in the Boston area, join the celebration! (Stay tuned for a Portland party in April.)

MinCamp update

As of today, almost 600, SIX HUNDRED people have signed up for MinCamp, our free companion workshop. Unbelievable. There's no registration limit, and the more people participate the more fun and productive it will be…so if you haven't already, sign up now! MinCamp begins on March 1.

* * * * *

There's more, which you can read about on the Minimalist Parenting blog and/or Facebook page. Or you can follow book-related conversation on Twitter at @minparenting. But I'll stop here for now and just say thank you for accompanying Christine and me on this fantastic journey. The enthusiasm and excitement and support we're feeling from you is absolutely incredible. Thank you, thank you.

*And now, back to work, Asha's brain!*

UPDATE: I hit "publish" on this post and then THIS arrived! So much for concentrating.