A Valentine treat kids can make themselves: Sugared Marshmallow Pops

Sugared Marshmallow Pop. Photo credit: Jill
Sugared Marshmallow Pop. Photo credit: Jill Darbyshire

Jill sent in this easy, adorable Valentine hack that's part treat and part activity:

One of my favorite Valentine treats doesn't really have a name. [I gave it one! — Ed.] This is something that even my younger kiddo can help do, as long as I handle the boiling water end of things.

I insert a popsicle or lollipop stick about halfway into a large marshmallow. I then hold the marshmallow over boiling water until it's slightly softened and sticky all over. (A teakettle is *perfect* for this part as it controls the steam and minimizes the risk of a burn.) 

Then, I roll the marshmallow in pink sugar, sprinkles, finely crushed candy, etc. as seasonally appropriate. I stand the sticks in a piece of styrofoam to let the marshmallow set up, and then wrap each one in a plastic candy bag.  

It's a lot easier than dipping marshmallows in chocolate and rolling!

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    Hoewel ik zou hebben de voorkeur als je ging naar een beetje meer detail, ik heb nog steeds de essentie van wat je bedoelde. Ik ben het eens met het. Het is misschien niet een populair idee, maar het is logisch.