A Valentine treat kids can make themselves: Sugared Marshmallow Pops

Sugared Marshmallow Pop. Photo credit: Jill
Sugared Marshmallow Pop. Photo credit: Jill Darbyshire

Jill sent in this easy, adorable Valentine hack that's part treat and part activity:

One of my favorite Valentine treats doesn't really have a name. [I gave it one! — Ed.] This is something that even my younger kiddo can help do, as long as I handle the boiling water end of things.

I insert a popsicle or lollipop stick about halfway into a large marshmallow. I then hold the marshmallow over boiling water until it's slightly softened and sticky all over. (A teakettle is *perfect* for this part as it controls the steam and minimizes the risk of a burn.) 

Then, I roll the marshmallow in pink sugar, sprinkles, finely crushed candy, etc. as seasonally appropriate. I stand the sticks in a piece of styrofoam to let the marshmallow set up, and then wrap each one in a plastic candy bag.  

It's a lot easier than dipping marshmallows in chocolate and rolling!

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