Soft bath toys as drool absorbers

At Amazon: Sassy Soft Swimmers Bath Toy, 3 Pack
At Amazon: Sassy Soft Swimmers
Bath Toy, 3 Pack

Have you got a drooler? A gusher? A saliva factory?

When my son was a baby his mouth was like a tap you could never fully turn off. But Steffie's discovered a solution (or, at least, a handy plug):

When my oldest was born, I received a three-pack of these Sassy bath toys.  I've never used them in the bath because my son loved to chew on them.  And now his brother is doing the same thing.

The hack part is that they absorb drool very well. S was a very drooly baby, and his three month-old brother is looking to follow right along. Neither kid likes a bib (neither do I, honestly), so these are perfect for keeping the shirt neck dry.

Once the toy is soaked, I swap it out for another while the soaked one dries – fast!  They easily clean up in the washing machine.

For my kids, soft toys are easier to grip than the harder teethers, and if they bonk themselves in the face with it, no biggie.  S preferred the octopus, but G seems to like the crab. 

Nothing brilliant, but I did find it helpful the first time, and it's proving helpful the second time, so I thought I might share.

It is brilliant, because it's one of those solutions you may never stumble onto by yourself. Thank you for sharing, Steffie!

My only addition would be a common-sense safety note. Sassy bath toys are specifically manufactured for babies and sensory development (part of the reason I like them), but other soft toys may not be. Make note of buttons, loose stitching, or other details before you hand over a small, teethable toy.

Tell us: what's your tip for soaking up drool while on the go?

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