OtterBox case renders my son’s iPod backpack-proof (sponsored)

When OtterBox, maker of protective cases for smartphones and tablets, approached me about sponsorship, I was interested, but I made it clear that coverage on Parent Hacks would only happen if I loved and could enthusiastically endorse the product.

Well, here we are. After several days of hard use with my son’s iPod Touch and my husband’s Nexus 7 tablet, I can honestly say this is the toughest, most durable case I’ve ever seen.

Each device got outfitted with an OtterBox Defender series case; a sturdy polycarbonate-and-silicone case built to withstand shocks, drops, dust and scratches.

OtterBox cases for Nexus 7 and iPod Touch 5
OtterBox-enhanced Nexus 7 and iPod Touch 5

My son’s iPod Touch — a (PRODUCT RED) version proudly bought with his own money — often gets shoved into a pocket or thrown in his backpack. He’s pretty good about taking care of his stuff (especially the stuff he buys himself), but the 5th generation iPod Touch is thin and delicate so even normal wear and tear is bound to do damage sooner or later.

OtterBox Defender series: iPod Touch 5
OtterBox Defender series:
iPod Touch 5

The OtterBox Defender case not only adds a protective layer, it reinforces the housing with hard plastic and a practically-invisible screen covering. My son said that the iPod works just as well as before and is easier to hold — and he loves not having to worry about dropping his iPod. The increase in thickness is more than made up for by the increase in durability, and, though it’s heavier than before, it’s not enough of a difference to bother my son.

OtterBox Defender series: Nexus 7 (with stand)
OtterBox Defender series:
Nexus 7 (with removable stand)

My husband uses his Nexus 7 differently — he mainly uses it as a laptop replacement and a media device. He loved the versatile stand that lets him prop the device more efficiently for movie-watching and podcast-listening. He also travels with his tablet, and the case makes him feel more confident about throwing it into his carry-on bag.

Both my husband and my son are notoriously picky…slight changes in feel and usability make a big difference to these two gadget guys. Both of them actually prefer their OtterBox-enhanced devices.

OtterBox makes cases for all sorts of devices: Kindles, iPads, iPhones, BlackBerrys, and more. They’re also coming out with a fully-waterproof case, the Armor Series, which will be available in February.

If you’re looking to add protection to your (or your kid’s) new-and-beloved gadget, OtterBox is a great choice.

Check out OtterBox cases for smartphones and tablets at

My thanks to OtterBox for sponsoring this post. The decision to cover it on Parent Hacks, plus all opinions expressed here, are my own. Here is the Parent Hacks review and sponsorship policy.


  1. says

    Good to hear! I JUST bought the Defender yesterday for my new iPhone. I’ve broken too many iPhones to admit here. I HAVE to have all the padding possible or no phone for me at all.


  2. Guinevere says

    I saw ‘sponsored’ and my heart started to sink. I should’ve known better, that you would do this well! Thanks for a helpful review; we have some new iProducts here for me & my kids, and this is good info for us. Cheers!

  3. Asha Dornfest says

    Stephanie: I fully expected not to be impressed by this product…there are so many cases out there. But these cases really do the job.

  4. Asha Dornfest says

    Guinevere: You know…this is my first directly-sponsored post. That is, all others have come in through my advertising partner, FM. I do very few here at Parent Hacks, but those I choose are products or programs I can stand behind. I’m glad you found this helpful.

  5. says

    I heart our Otterbox case! My son uses his iPad at school because he is special needs and I have no fear that it is going to get dropped because they do such a great job protecting it.

  6. Jeff says

    In addition to making great cases, Otterbox has excellent customer service. I’ve had a Defender case for my Galaxy S III ever since I got the phone in September, and I’m pretty sure that it has already saved my phone from a few nasty falls. Lately, though, the silicone skin has started to become detached from the polycarbonate case, no longer fitting snugly around it on the top and bottom. The case still works, but it no longer looks as nice as it should. I decided to put in a warranty claim on their website, but I was concerned that with no receipt (not to mention the recent knowledge that the store I bought the case from no longer exists), I’d be out of luck.

    Within minutes, though, I got an automated response back from them asking me to send a few pictures of my case (of the front, the back, and the defective part) on top of a piece of paper with my name and the date clearly written on it. I did that, and a day later I got an email informing me that a new silicone case has been ordered for me. In my book, that’s pretty awesome!

  7. says

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