“Organize” school flyers by storing them as pictures on your phone

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Katie's smart strategy for handling the influx of school notices, permission slips, and flyers:

With all the notes that come home from my children's school (both electronic and paper) I find keeping the email attachments or taking pictures of the fliers to keep on my iPhone helps me keep track of it all without having to keep all the papers. Field trip notes, school assemblies, sports and group schedules are just a few of what I currently have.

(I have also used the same idea to keep track of blood test results that I may need to refer back to with my husband's recent health issues.)

Ah, the "paperless backpack." Wouldn't that be lovely?

One low-tech solution is to keep a clipboard in the kitchen (or other common area) for those sorts of notices. I also try to transfer the info into my calendar right away so I've got the details (including phone numbers and locations) in a workable form.

How to do you stay on top of notes from school?

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    Take it a step further — put them in Evernote. Now you’ve got them on every machine you own (laptop, tablet, etc), and it can search the text within the documents when you go looking for them later. I have dozens of school flyers in Evernote, along with other stuff that often comes home with my kids (birthday party invitations, etc).

  2. says

    I wondered if we would ever get to a paperless backpack, but we’ve finally gotten pretty close.

    1) The school sends all notices home on Wednesday in the (cleverly-named) Wednesday folder. This includes all signed papers, permission slips, info. flyers, etc. They’ve been doing this as long as anyone remembers.

    2) This year they finally figured how to send email to some people and still send papers home to others. They just put stickers on the Wednesday folders that say “I’m going green!” Those folders don’t get the general announcements, which are sent via email attachments, but they still get items from the teacher like signed papers.

    I’m loving this system. It does take an active PTA committee willing to maintain the email list and send out the attachments–that’s the Green Committee, which is also responsible for taking out the recycling around campus.

  3. says

    Our school’s weekly updates and monthly PTA newsletter are automatically sent by email (you have to fill out a form the first week of school to request paper copies or send an email (with verifying information) to the school office to register for email.

    Unfortunately, most individual classrooms still send everything by paper.

    I love the “going green” sticker idea as the kids have dedicated homework folders.

  4. Kym says

    I just wanted to second the Evernote idea….I find it so useful to have that information available over all my devices, and my husbands. We can even share it easily with other family members if we need to…..I have a dedicated folder in Evernote with my son’s name, and keep scanned copies of all relevant info there (or even just a picture, if necessary).

  5. says

    I take a picture then add it as an attachment to Google Calendar when I enter it as an appointment. That way I can find it easily when I need to look for it instead of flipping through all the other pictures I take.

  6. courtney duke says

    I feel like I would be searching my camera app all day for the right picture? Is there a way to organize? I will start using the photo attachments to the calendar idea though – that is great. And I too just put everything in the calendar as soon as I get it.

  7. says

    Our school are updated weekly and monthly PTA communication is through the email be sent (you must fill out a form in the first week of school request paper copy or send E-mail (validation information) to the school office registered email.

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