For your Valentine’s lunchbox: a heart-shaped egg

Heart-shaped hard boiled eggs. Photo credit: Anna the Red
Heart-shaped hard boiled eggs. Photo credit: Anna the Red

Erin sent this cutie idea in response to my call for Valentine hacks. Check out this hard boiled egg trick!

Heart-shaped hard boiled eggs in their lunchboxes were a huge hit with my kids last year. I used this tutorial. I also dyed the eggs with red food coloring (you could also use beet juice).

Bonus hack: I use large plastic Easter eggs as lunchbox containers for hard boiled eggs. [SMART. — Ed.]

I'm utterly fascinated by bento and Japanese "cute" food. I'm less interested in making it than in looking at pictures, but I did buy a plastic egg mold from a Japanese sundries shop for a couple bucks. My daughter loves hard boiled eggs and I couldn't resist idea of molding one into a star. They've all turned out sort of lopsided so far, but I press on.

Thanks, Anna, for so beautifully illustrating your tutorial, and thanks, Erin, for sharing it!

Read the tutorial at Anna the Red: How to make a heart-shaped egg

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